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We welcome you! to the E-Filing Tax Portal for all of the new individuals. Who wants to file a free NTN registration request and is confused about the protection of their information like ID card personal info of Bank or properties etc. ATS ensures the protection of our client’s sensitive information as we have taken a number of measures to keep the portal highly secured for example you can see a Lock (SSL) on the left side of the URL which ensures the secure transformation of data. Similarly, we also added another layer of security ” HSTS ” to prevent HTTP requests which ensure end-to-end encryption. Read out the detailed policy guide in the following tabs.
We only acquired the relevant information of our client which is necessary for us to deliver you our services as these are FBR basic requirements for the NTN Registration and Tax return filing process. In any case, if you need an immediate guide you can use the Whatsapp icon.

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